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We’re a boutique agency focusing on big ideas and strong concepts within the fields of event, design, art and products.

What’s Boutique? - Not mass, huge or rigid nor part of a chain or network. We are agile, flexible, innovative, humble and passionate. Our focus is great ideas produced with perfect execution with the guest experience in focus, that can trickle down to several deliverables.

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We create great design and awesome experiences generating content multiple channels

People want share what they experience, at least if the experience is intense, vibrant and photogenic. A photogenic moment is a moment of strong visual output with high energy, maximizing the senses. That’s what we do - we create shareable moments.

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We deliver Big and we deliver small…

Our projects range from huge complex build-ups to the smallest detail - always with the initial (great) idea in mind. It could be a massive hexagonal speaker forum on a pier in Hong Kong to a pop-up trolley at Junibacken, no matter what - we thrive to create high quality concepts.

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The NOC formula is the symbiosis between design and event

Our love for designing beautiful and bespoke spaces combined with our vast knowledge of producing events all over the world, is a perfect match. It’s a relationship that benefits each other - and always with a human-centric approach.

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After 20 years in the industry we’re getting pretty damn good at it!

A bit cocky but there are actually some truth to it. We’ve done this for a long time and after thousands of hours you become skill-full at any craft. We’re a team of passionate creatives with a common interest in transforming the experiential essence of your brand.

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We have a vast network of producers, suppliers and other specialists at our fingertips.

We have nurtured long term relationships with creative, strategic, constructional and technical top talent firms. Therefore we’re able to offer more flexible, interesting and cost-effective ways of working. We staff up depending on mission and location, both locally and internationally, gathering the best teams suited for the challenge.